Watch display case design drawing for a property renovations company

Watch display case design drawing

Innovate New York is a high-end residential renovations contractor operating throughout New York City with a skilled in-house workforce offering construction, carpentry, stonework, and decorating services.

This watch cabinet design drawing transposed from a sketch features a fully 3D rendered illustration of a bespoke wooden cabinet with indicative high-quality watches placed on rotating wind mechanisms on a lower tier, and jewellery drawers placed on sliders on an upper tier. The rendering included a realistic, dark maple finish for the wood, and polished steel effect for the drawer handles. External and internal views of the cabinet from a number of camera angles were placed into an original sheet set design for submission to the client.

  • Fully 3D rendered model to scale
  • Indicative high-end watch illustrations
  • Realistic material finishes
  • Original sheet set design