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PRAS Global Ltd. is an international marketing strategy and corporate research consultancy based in central London and operating in the UK, North America, Eastern Europe and Russia.

Site optimisation work included improvements to internal link structure, installation of a jquery-animated article generator and news feed, installation of an animated Twitter feed, and replacement of ajax-loaded content to a more search engine friendly format.

Initial lead generation work started with an extensive AdWords campaign targeting clients in New York and London, with both location and industry-specific ad extensions and custom scheduling.

Tom helped us with everything from touch-ups of the website to full SEO enhancement. If any problems with the site arose, they were quickly dealt with. Communication from Tom was second to none, any questions we had about search engine optimisation were answered and it was clear that he is very knowledgeable about his industry.

After the basic SEO work was completed, Tom set up a Google AdWords campaign which was tailor-made to give us a boost in enquiries from cities we were trying to break in to. Not only did this happen but it exceeded our expectations by quite some margin.

We look forward to carrying on a solid working relationship with Tom in the future.

John Green, Director

  • Site and search optimisation
  • International AdWords campaign management
  • Pay-per-click competitor analysis

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