• Graphic design

    Brochures, flyers, posters, signage, advertisements


All aspects of graphic design work for online and print marketing, advertising, and branding.

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Print media

Original artwork provided for all forms of print media marketing and advertising; corporate branding design work including brochures, cards and stationery; and graphic design for conferences and events including roller banners, posters and leaflets.

  • Magazine advert design
  • Poster and flyer design
  • Company brochure design
  • Business stationery, letterhead, and business card design
  • Banner design
  • Product packaging

Other design work includes 2D and 3D scale drawings and renders for marketing purposes, and illustrated diagrams and assemblies for presentations and brochures.

Online media

Artwork for online advertising including fully scripted animated web banners, original graphics for websites and social media, vectored SVG images for web, and html email campaign design. Digital design work includes e-newsletters, epublications and user interface design for websites, apps, and interactive pdf's.


Design work for shop fronts, billboards, and paid advertising locations

  • Advertising billboards
  • Rules and regulations signs
  • Shopfront signs
  • Roller banner design

Recent Examples Graphic design and Branding

Company brochure design

Blakedown Environment & Leisure Ltd. is an award-winning civil engineering and commercial landscaping contractor in the UK. This brochure was used primarily as part of a direct mail marketing campaign to present the company's landscaping services and completed projects to architects, main contractors, and local authorities. The design was original and focuses on seven key areas of landscaping work, offering a mosaic of completed project images for each area of work.

Campaign poster design

This A1 and A3 sized poster was the primary media used during the Childline Andalucia charity's launch campaign and is to be used subsequently for continued promotional efforts. Designed to be instantly recognisable and eye-catching, copies were placed in shop windows, bars, clubs, and paid advertisement locations.

The poster, website, and business stationery were all developed simultaneously with the creation of a completely new and original brand design which is now used consistently across all of the charity's marketing literature.

Leaflet design

The Leicester Shoulder Trauma Symposium is a training and lecture series run by the Health Education of East England. This tri-fold leaflet served as the sign-up form and day program for the series which was sponsored by Exactech, a global manufacturer of medical equipment. The right-hand page was perforated so that the registration form could be detached and sent to the series organiser.

Flyer design

As a handout document to accompany a business presentation, and as supporting literature to a new website design, this brochure flyer provides technical and installation details for a patented sports pitch shockpad system. A completely new branding and design concept was required to match the existing logo and introduce the product to contractors and consultants in the artificial sports turf market.

Event ticket design

These entry tickets were designed for a live concert and fundraising dinner on behalf of the Childline Andalucia charity and held at the Hotel Tamisa Golf in southern Spain. The new and original design closely matches the instantly recognisable layout of the event promotional poster, website and email campaign, and includes the charity's logo and corner motif.

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