• Drawings & Illustrations

    2D and 3D scale drawings, renders, and illustrations


Drawings and illustrations for construction, engineering, architecture, product design, and marketing.

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2D Drawings

Engineering and architectural drawings, process diagrams, and site layouts in wireframe, textured, or photo-realistic output.

  • Draughting and technical drawings
  • Modifications to existing drawings
  • Electrical drawings and process flow diagrams
  • Layouts and floor plans for architects and estate agents
  • Civil engineering layouts
  • Facilities management layouts

3D Drawings

Building information models and product assemblies; photo-realistic presentation renders; 3D graphics, diagrams, and illustrations for brochures, websites, slideshows, and print media.

  • 3D models and BIM
  • Architectural and engineering elevations
  • 3D conveyancy and NURBS
  • 3D photo-realistic illustrations
  • Isometric floorplans and building layouts
  • Product design and assembly drawings
  • 3D media graphics


Drawing animations such as 3D model tours and walkthroughs, camera orbits and rotations, and dynamic objects such as opening doors and windows, spinning ceiling fans, and moving objects, vehicles and people. Movie production and editing, plus output to wmv, mp4, avi, youtube, and animated gif.

Recent Examples Drawings & Illustrations

Architectural floor plan

This technical drawing was completed for a property development company in Burton-on-Trent. A proposed floor plan for the design of a two-story barn and outbuilding conversion to a residential property was required as part of a phased development scheme including extensive landscaping, new driveway, and installation of new services. The drawing was plotted to a client-specified scale and formed part of the planning application package which was granted.

Proposed sports facility design

This was a series of CAD drawings and 3D illustrations for a sports facility design proposal at an academy in the UK. The project included a 2D plan of the astroturf pitch to show line markings and dimensioning, and a 3D render of the proposed facility and adjacent sports hall transplanted onto an isometric map view.

Surface build-up detail

Included in the project above, this was a 3D illustration of the proposed built system and perimeter fencing structure for the sports pitch. The drawing shows the depths and materials of the pitch's sub-surface, indicative line markings on the playing surface, and textured concrete foundation structure, drainage system and timber kickboards.

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