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Childline Andalucia

A registered charity for children and teenagers living in southern Spain

Childline Andalucia is a registered not-for-profit limited company in the UK and a registered charity in Spain. With premises in Wolverhampton and Sabinillas, the charity have set up a free telephone helpline and counselling service dedicated to helping expat children and teenagers living in southern Spain.

The charity raises funds by staging events, auctions, raffels, and dinners, and by selling advertising space on the website. There is also a newly opened Childline Andalucia charity shop.

Tom has been our major contributing factor to the design, implementation and ongoing maintenance of Childline Andalucia's website, along with our stunning branding. He’s one of the few people I know who mixes such a high level of creativity with an expert level of strategic thinking.

Find a way to work with him somehow. You’ll be glad you did!

Tracey-Leigh Bennett, Founder & President

My work for this charity includes the design and development of an original, fully scripted website with help forum and blog, campaign marketing materials such as a poster, flyer, and magazine advertising artwork, business stationery and letterhead design, business card design, production of a promotional video, roller banner design, and signage for the newly opened charity shop.

Website design

This website was custom-built following an original design and branding proposal. Features include a content editor, animated background images, donate page, blog and news feeds, integrated twitter and facebook API's, and multiple contact forms connected to a help forum.

Business card design

These business cards were designed alongside the charity letterhead and campaign posters and flyers. Keeping with the stripes and cityscape theme, the cards are instantly recognisable and eye-catching as the new charity begins to develope and extend its network of supporters and sponsors across southern Spain and in the UK.

  • Roller banner design for Childline Andalucia
  • The banner displayed at a fundraising event venue

Roller banner design

This 800mm x 2000mm roller banner was designed for use at fundraising events, dinners, and in the entrance to the organisation's offices. Using the instantly recognisable design and branding that has been applied across all of the charity's marketing media, the banner lists the charity's key fundraising obectives, promotes the website, and includes a message from the founder.

Poster design

This A1 and A3 sized poster was the primary media used during the charity's launch campaign and is to be used subsequently for continued promotional efforts. Designed to be instantly recognisable and eye-catching, copies were placed in shop windows, bars, clubs, and paid advertisement locations.

The poster, website, and business stationery were all developed simultaneously with the creation of a completely new and original brand design which is now used consistently across all of the charity's marketing literature.

Promo video design

This promotional video was produced as an opener for fundraising events and meetings with sponsors, and was also widely distributed across social media. With a focus on the charity's key aims and funding obectives, the video features ten main scenes and transitions introducing the helpline and website, and their official patron, Lorraine Kelly.

Flyer design

This double-sided A5-sized flyer was produced as a supplement to the charity's main launch campaign poster and as a statement of objectives from the founder to the reader. With a design that is eye-catching and instantly recognisable, over 3000 copies were distributed and made available in bars, clubs, shops and public spaces across southern Spain, with a digital copy widely shared on social media.

Letterhead design

This letterhead and business stationery design takes the stripes and cityscape motifs from the logo and website and uses a standard layout template for all public-facing correspondence. Using the instantly recognisable branding and colour scheme that was developed as part of this project, all paperwork within the organisation is incorporated into one of three letterhead templates: a letter layout, a document layout for press releases and publicity, and a printer-friendly black and white layout.

Magazine advert design

This A4-sized magazine advert that featured in the annual Kids on the Costa publication with the aim of raising awareness for the Childline Andalucia charity and to promote an up-coming fundraising concert and dinner with reference to a poster campaign that had been widely distributed across Andalucia.

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